Celebrate Every Victory

Victory is Yours!

Victory is Yours!

Especially the small victories! Any victory, any win, you are encouraged to embrace and celebrate it.  This is a key ingredient in building momentum.

Just a quick thought on a Wednesday afternoon.


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Non-Performers Usually Hang out in Cliques

You can typically catch them in the break room on gossip mode.  They also start to plan their lunch super early in the day.  They try to get you to join in and go with them and throw a fit when you don’t.

Dont worry about Cliques!

Dont worry about Cliques!

They’ll complain that “You never do anything”.  Yet, they do everything together, including practicing the art of consistent complaining.

Being the top performer that you are, you rarely go out with the “Cliques” because you have more important things to work on.  Namely, getting paid and keeping your family fed.

You are so talented and so focused that you can find a million other productive ways to spend your time.

On top of that, you know better than to spend $25-$40 dollars a week on food that wont get you far.

Continue to excel as a top performer and avoid those cliques as they do nothing for your growth.  Entertain occasionally so as to not appear as a flagrant outsider (unless you don’t mind the Norman Bates weirdo vibe).


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Dont Be That Guy

Picture of a guy who was in too much of a hurry

Literally “Pissed” Off

So I’m walking down the ramp way at the 9 to 5 where you typically get to see who’s happy where they are versus who’s miserable and hates their lives. Lo and behold, I see a guy who’s upset to no end, kind of dressed like a punk rocker and mean mugging the scene.

I couldn’t help but notice a huge piss stain. I didn’t want to laugh right at him, I mean he looks like he has a bomb in his bag. But yeah, fellas, don’t be that guy! Make sure you’re completely done when you’re done. If you get what I mean!


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Animated dots

Animated dots…quick warm up animation

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A Little Animation I Did

Just fooling around on cartoon getting warmed up 🙂 Happy Thursday!!!!




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Chase the greatness, and the numbers will follow

This applies to just about every goal you wish to attain.  By applying yourself to be the greatest you can be at what you do, all of the little things will/should fall into place.

For example, we get so caught up in scales and what our weight is.  We weigh ourselves on a weekly and/or daily basis.  We get so caught up in the numbers on that scale and give up when they don’t move as quickly as we like.

However, by committing yourself to a high level of fitness and tossing that scale out the window, you’ll begin to notice within weeks that your clothes are a lot looser than they’ve ever been.  You’ve made a commitment to greatness and now you are reaping the rewards.  The scale is not a motivator; it’s an excuse to stop exercising and eating right after two weeks.

In sales, serve your customers and clients to the highest level your ability allows, then go above and beyond to present fresh, creative ideas that are groundbreaking and outside of the box.  At this point, you’ve earned their trust as an advisor and things become less transactional.  Your bank account will thank you and although you want to get paid, your main focus was providing outstanding service throughout the process.

You just earned extra because you chose to focus on value and not just the numbers.

And with that I’m out!


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Start Fast Finish Strong

Finish strong dont give up!

Finish strong dont give up!

Be decisive in the pursuit of your goals.  Its easy to get sidetracked, so a good best practice is to write down your progress as you proceed about your business.

Dont give up!  Hang on to that desire and belief you established when you decided to take on this lofty goal of yours.

You got it! Finish what you’ve started!


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There is an “I” in Team, but it comes with a cost…

The hidden "I" in team

The hidden “I” in team

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The Spiritual Connection

Hold on to that joy you feel and let no one take it from you!

Hold on to that joy you feel and let no one take it from you!

A spiritual reconnection or connection with the spirit in general, is an awesome way to allow the greater good out of life truly come into focus.

By focusing on a spiritual connection with oneself, you are granted the ability to have everything in the physical basically fall into place.

This does not happen without with faith. I wish everyone who reads this a joyous and productive week.


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Outwork Everyone!

Outwork everyone.  Focus on what you can control and get to work!

Outwork everyone. Focus on what you can control and get to work!

This goes without saying.  A top performer is a top performer for many reasons, none more important than the work ethic they bring to the table.  The mindset of a top performer is to outwork everyone.  You are encouraged to enter your day with a superstar mindset.  Continue reading

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Don’t Rub it In!

Seattle Seahawks Corner Richard Sherman bragging about a win to Tom Brady. No class at all.

Seattle Seahawks Corner Richard Sherman bragging about a win to Tom Brady. No class at all.

As a top performer, you’ve celebrated many victories and have had the opportunity to gain many fans and respect.  You can lose it all in one fell swoop by rubbing in your victory.  There are individuals who aspire to do well, but they just aren’t there yet.  These people may look up to you for leadership and as a mentor.

The worst thing you can do in this scenario is rub in a victory.  It’s definitely ok to celebrate, in fact, its encouraged that you do so.  But handle your wins with tact and class, and the respect you gain from others will follow you for years to come.


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The Disconnect Method

pic of a disconnect graphic

It helps to get away and disconnect from the world from time to time.

As a top performer, it seems as if you are always into something.  There is always something going on whether in your personal or business life.  The constant running around can get tiresome and wear out the mind quickly.

I encourage taking some time out to unplug from the matrix and disconnect from everything.  No technology, no tv, no anything.  Just you and your thoughts getting some much needed rest and becoming in tune with your inner fresh.

You’ll find that by disconnecting, maybe taking a long drive somewhere, will rejuvenate your imagination and stir up fresh ideas.


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Taking a moment to reflect

Boston Sports Teams

Yesterday we were all from Boston!

Yesterdays news was heavy. Very heavy.  I was actually listening to sports radio when the tragedy struck in Boston and when the news broke, an eerie feeling crept over me.  My prayers are definitely with those who have been affected in any way by what happened.

Take the time, every day, to let your loved ones know that you are here and that you care.  Make the most out of this one life we are given.

Our thoughts are with you Boston.

Love, Live Life,


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