Chase the greatness, and the numbers will follow

This applies to just about every goal you wish to attain.  By applying yourself to be the greatest you can be at what you do, all of the little things will/should fall into place.

For example, we get so caught up in scales and what our weight is.  We weigh ourselves on a weekly and/or daily basis.  We get so caught up in the numbers on that scale and give up when they don’t move as quickly as we like.

However, by committing yourself to a high level of fitness and tossing that scale out the window, you’ll begin to notice within weeks that your clothes are a lot looser than they’ve ever been.  You’ve made a commitment to greatness and now you are reaping the rewards.  The scale is not a motivator; it’s an excuse to stop exercising and eating right after two weeks.

In sales, serve your customers and clients to the highest level your ability allows, then go above and beyond to present fresh, creative ideas that are groundbreaking and outside of the box.  At this point, you’ve earned their trust as an advisor and things become less transactional.  Your bank account will thank you and although you want to get paid, your main focus was providing outstanding service throughout the process.

You just earned extra because you chose to focus on value and not just the numbers.

And with that I’m out!



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