What’s your motivation?

Picture of my son

Young baby Kreedos in his element.

Every day is a grind.  No matter the circumstance, you’re either fighting for something, or fighting to keep it.  There has to be something from within that pushes you to the next level.  Something that allows you to flip the switch when times are down or the going gets tough… There has to be that something that allows you to seriously tap into your desire and your faith to keep on keeping on and stay persistent toward the bigger goal.

For me, my son is my ultimate motivation.  He is a big two-year old, bigger than most kids that are a year older than him.  So, the need for me to stay on top of my fitness to keep up with him is a must.  The fact that I have a family to take care of is incredibly motivating to me.

I was always a motivated and competitive individual, but when the element of a child got included into my day-to-day, I suddenly felt the need to achieve greatness.

So, I ask you today, to tap into whatever it is that truly motivates you to want to be great.  Reach for the cosmos, and push yourself to the limits. 

I was taught by Tom Bancroft (artist for Disney) to push your character designs to the max.  Well, as a top performer, it is a sound idea to do so with everything you do.  Push yourself to the max, as there are no limits.  Your motivation is a key ingredient to what you get back out of life.

Positive vibes on a Thursday!



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We are talented Visual and Performing artists.
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