The False Facebook Prophets

Facebook Logo

Facebook Logo

As a top performer, you tend to let your actions show your intentions as opposed to speaking on it.  You tend to avoid telling people what to do and choose to lead by example.  While perusing Facebook, you’ll see tons of quotes and folks doing their best to talk down to your situation while at the same time thinking they are leading by sharing knowledge.

These are the holier than thou “Facebook Prophets”.

Sometimes, a good quote here and there deserves a like, maybe even more.  But, after a while, you tire of seeing the same quotes over and over again.  The false prophets who are holier than thou and have no struggle…whose life is so good, that they can talk down to their brethren as if they are without sin or issue. They usually talk down to people in general as opposed to directing their “knowledge” to one person.

They are also notorious for taking a Google quote and making it their own.

I liken Facebook to the news.  I really don’t care for it much as it can serve as a window into the terrible effect TV has on our society.

The stolen quotes, the ratchet pictures, the constant complaining of people having headaches (my personal pet peeve) and the endless event invites…yeah, FB just isn’t the beast it used to be for me.

Anyway, like my Facebook page when you’re done reading this!




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One Response to The False Facebook Prophets

  1. Roopaushree says:

    Liked the last line..ha ha

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