Avoid the Unhappy and Unlucky

As luck would have it, this also happens to be one of the 48 Laws of Power (Law #10).

I love this law as it is way too real and needs to be stressed daily.  Some people are just down on their luck.  They are always in a rut for whatever reason.  And they want you to be right down there in the rut with them.

The Unlucky:

Sad Dog

Sad Dog

I had a friend, who shall remain nameless, who always got pulled over by the police.  I mean, no matter what, this guy attracted the cops left and right.  I guess he just “fit the description” but I was pulled over with him in the vehicle at least twice during the time I knew him.  And I saw him involved in several incidents with the police, including the police following him into our apartment once!

This was a guy I grew up with and he was about as nerdy a guy as you could ever meet, Dragonball Z and all, but he just couldn’t avoid trouble.  After a while, I cut ties, but we were still in school so I was stuck with him as a roommate.  I couldn’t wait to get out of that situation!  This guy attracted trouble for no reason.

The Unhappy

As a top performer, you like to help people.  Sometimes, you feel compelled to turn the unhappy to the happy because you feel you have the power of influence to do so.

Some people just cannot be helped however.  You’ll give them your routine, try to customize a game plan for them, and constantly give them pep talks.  Two, three weeks (or even months) later, they’re still on the same unhappy grind.

There is nothing you can do for these people. Leave them be!  You are not only wasting your time, but you are taking away something from your life that can lead to more productivity.  Also, they cant wait to tell you the latest drama or gossip, because they have nothing positive going on with their situations.


So, avoid the unhappy and the unlucky like the plague.  I speak with them while passing by, but wouldn’t dare waste my valuable time fraternizing with them.

As top performers, we deserve top notch company.  We deserve to be around individuals who reach for the outer universe.



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