The People who Secretly Cheer for you to Lose

Say No To Haters

Say No To Haters

You know the people who smile in your face but present you with doubt when you tell them of an impending win on the horizon?

These are the worst.  They come to you as friends with smiles and a lot of the time, they may be assigned as your mentor.  In some cases, it could even be a close friend or family member who may harbor some jealousy.

Usually the situation plays out with you (the winner) about to embark on a winning situation where you’re about to experience a win.

Obviously, the win isn’t over til its over, and the (hater) will make sure to let that be known.

“Well, be on the lookout for (whatever barrier) there’s still a chance for that to happen and ruin the deal”

-The Hater 

Translation: I hope he loses the deal or something goes wrong!

Folks take joy over the trials and tribulations of top performers.  It makes them feel big.  Meanwhile, being the winners that we are, we just simply brush it off are shoulders!

Heres to a big week where you solidify the Legend that you are!



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