Non-Performers Usually Hang out in Cliques

You can typically catch them in the break room on gossip mode.  They also start to plan their lunch super early in the day.  They try to get you to join in and go with them and throw a fit when you don’t.

Dont worry about Cliques!

Dont worry about Cliques!

They’ll complain that “You never do anything”.  Yet, they do everything together, including practicing the art of consistent complaining.

Being the top performer that you are, you rarely go out with the “Cliques” because you have more important things to work on.  Namely, getting paid and keeping your family fed.

You are so talented and so focused that you can find a million other productive ways to spend your time.

On top of that, you know better than to spend $25-$40 dollars a week on food that wont get you far.

Continue to excel as a top performer and avoid those cliques as they do nothing for your growth.  Entertain occasionally so as to not appear as a flagrant outsider (unless you don’t mind the Norman Bates weirdo vibe).



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