Dont Be That Guy Part 2

Copyright Fred Walton 2013 All RIghts Reserved

Fitness…  I’m all for it, love it, endure it and cherish the opportunity to keep my body right.  I’m an avid gym goer.  My gym flow helps provide balance to my life with work and my kids.  I usually go to the gym mad.  Part of it is because I’d rather be at home watching ESPN and eating ribs. But, I know I need to keep my body right so I go do my thing.

The other day, while doing one of my mad dog workouts, I ran into a guy who thought he may have been in better physical shape than he actually was.  I was thinking maybe he mistook his pajamas for his gym clothes, but needless to say, it was a bit too much to look at.

Dude was all over the gym so it was tough not to notice.  Everything on him was extra medium on an extra-large body.

Sorry, I was a big guy so I know how it is to have that false sense of self after two weeks of working out.

You think you look good and maybe even feel better, but it’s just not showing in the mirror yet.  Fellas, be weary of your gym attire.  You probably want to stay away from the tank tops and super slim athletic gear for the first three months.

It’s actually a good idea to overdress so you can sweat out those calories.  A hoodie and some sweats work wonders.  The more you sweat out, the more you let out.

Anyway, I say that to say this:  Don’t be that guy at the gym with the short tight workout clothes on! It looks amazingly silly!



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