My Weight Loss Journey

Freed is Kreedos Before and After

Freed Is Kreedos Before and After

For many years I had struggled with weight issues.  It started when I was maybe ten years old.  That summer, my brother and I would go to the store and buy big bags of chips and/or cookies every Saturday for SNICK (90s kids will remember that).

Anyway, we’d waste the weekend away on chill mode in the room eating bad snacks and drinking soda.  Before I knew it, I was a big 10 year old, but not in a good way.

The weight was a problem all throughout school. It cost me tons of confidence.  I’ve always had good taste in women, so needless to say, I got turned down often.  Obviously I was attracted to the top notches.

Somewhere along the line, in 2004, I got dissed for the final time and decided to do something about it!  I went from 330 to 205! Crazy transformation and the entire world treated me so much different.

Then, I met my wife.  I stopped going to the gym, and two years later I was right back where I was.  The motivation wasn’t really there. I mean; I have this hot wife, a big screen TV, an Xbox, and Ice Cream…what do I need to go to the gym for?

My motivation was always to work out so the outcome would be to attract the opposite sex!  Now that I had my catch, I didn’t feel the need to push any longer. Basically, I let myself go… L

Ok, to the point. My wife got pregnant with my first son (who is two now) and during that time, I ballooned back up to 300+ lbs.  I had a work from home job for a year so I was really out of commission and didn’t get out much.

But, I was determined to get back in shape.  I thought to myself, I have to be around to bring my son up.  On top of that, I had lost my brother to a heart condition…so that always weighed heavily on my mind.  Now was the time to act.  I spent the first year dropping the fat.  Controlled diet and nutrition and really watched the processed foods I put in my body.

The second year was about building muscle.  Being skinny was cool but it didn’t turn heads like I wanted.  So I put the pedal to the metal and really upped the intensity.  Now, I look better than I have in I’d say seven or so years.

If I ever lose motivation, I’ll look to this picture to get inspired and remember where I came from.

Happy Friday



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