Set The Tone

Set The Tone

So what can you do to separate yourself from the pack?  It’s a new day, a new quarter, a new beginning.  Now is the time to shine.

Do not allow any barrier to create an excuse for you.  Phones won’t work, the car might not start, and you may forget your gym back at the house.

So what, big deal! No matter what’s going wrong in your life right now, it could be much worse.

Do your best to appreciate what you have and work hard to improve upon it.  Put yourself out there.  Meet new people.  Build on new or existing relationships.

Whatever your role is, be the BEST at it…Starting this minute, right now!

Whatever it is you do today and this week, make sure you have being on top in mind.  Walk by faith and within your spirit.  Do not allow yourself to think back on anything that may have made you jealous or envious of others.

Focus and concentrate on yourself and your family/circle.  Today, you will set the tone and you will own your fate.  You will hold yourself accountable for your actions.  You will determine your outcome.

You will be presented with roadblocks, and you will knock those roadblocks over like the Juggernaut you are!

Welcome to the first day of the new quarter!

Let’s get it!


About Kreedos

We are talented Visual and Performing artists.
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