Immaculate Content

Picture of Kreedos

© 2008 Bianca, All Rights Reserved

Immaculate content and context. My vernacular complex. I create the greatest visuals when I bomb, flex. With a strong arm. Check the peak in my biceps, rhyme vet. Every lyric mentioned in my songs, are meant to carry on; even when I’m dead and gone. Stay on the tip of tongues, I’m professionally done. Where original is from, all the rest of you are clones.

  • Get em
  • show no mercy

Catch me in my zone. Known to get it in, from beginning to the end. My delivery a ten! Everything I own, the only way to live. Aint no need to rent, when you living in a home! Walking winning culture!

See me I will coach ya.

Live from the desert with these scorpions and vultures.



About Kreedos

We are talented Visual and Performing artists.
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